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Team JMETM walking in field of photography & videography with most upgraded knowledge, skills & techniques. Team JMETM not only having purpose of business but also to gaining passion by this profession. A large team always capable to maintain heavy productivity & creativity in its results & we are very large by all means. Till the date in very short time team JMETM achieved successful experience of more than 100 events in the field of event photography & video shoots.

Team JMETM consists of 30 JME on the screen & off the screen which are divided in four vital parts-

1] Functional Team

2] Operational Team

3] Critics Team

4] Editing Team

There are 06 JME in core team & 24 JME are ready to capture & shoot your event on field. the biggest advantage of team JMETM is that we have a critic's team which help us to purify results & output for you.